The New Jersey Plan

Facts on Plan

They decided to have one house based on Population
Created in response to the Virginia Plan's two houses of Congress both elected with proportional representation
The New Jersey Plan gave one vote per state, which gave equal representation under one legislative body
The New Jersey Plan's legislative body was used as a model for United States Senate

Who Created It?

Proposed by William Paterson at Philadelphia Convention on June 15, 1787

Extra Facts

Also called the Small State Plan or Paterson Plan

The man who lead the New Jersey Plan is William Patterson...
William Patterson

The new jersey plan was rejected as a basis for a new constitution they thought that it was similar to the one
the had before some idea's were diff but no all.

The New Jersey plan received initial plan approval on January 11, 2001.Mr.paterson, said as he had on a former occasion given his sentiments on the plan proposed by Mr. Randolph he would now avoiding repetition as much as possible.