The Inaugural Address of [replace with chosen president]

My Choice

Write a paragraph describing your reasons for choosing this president's inaugural.

The Address

Write a paragraph or two describing the historical circumstances of the address:
  • What year was it?
  • Who preceded your chosen president?
  • What were some key events in American History that surrounded this Inauguration Day?

Write a few paragraphs describing the address itself:
  • What was the newly elected president promoting in his address?
  • What did the president focus on the most?
  • Include research from an historian's point-of-view if possible (Place your sources in the bibliography below)
  • Create and insert/embed a Wordle of the address and use it to help analyze the address.
  • Feel free to quote from the address to emphasize your paragraph.

Sources Used

Cite the resources you used to create this page in a list below (alphabetical order by author's last name). Follow the following format:

Use this citation generator to help create your citations. Be sure to read and follow the directions carefully.