The Inaugural Address of Zachary Taylor!!!

My Choice

We chose Zachary Taylor. We chose him because we did not know much about him. We want to know more about that time period, so we will be informed. That is why we chose Zachary Taylor for our project. We wanted to know what he did for our country, or what he intended to do. We thought that picking Zachary Taylor was a good choice, so we choose him.K_&_A_Wordle.png

The Address

The date of Zachary Taylor's Inaugural Address was Monday, March 5th, 1849. The person who proceeded Zachary Taylor's presidency, was president James Polk. Some events that occurred during his presidency was that he was in the Mexican War. He was a general in the Mexican War, and they called him, General Zachary Taylor.

President Zachary Taylor was mostly thanking and acknowledging a lot of people in his inaugural address. For example he Acknowledged the American people for electing him to the highest office know to our laws. He also realizes he doesn't have to do the job alone because he has the help of the Legislative and Judicial Branch. In the Address he explains how he knows the responsibilities he has as president.

Toward the end of his inaugural address he recommends many ways to improve our country. He was pretty much saying his plan to improve and help the United States of the America. At the very end he says "Let us invoke a continuance of the same protecting care which has led us from small beginnings to the eminence we this day occupy....." When he says this he means that the United States is in good shape already and he wants to keep it going smoothly now that he is president.

An interesting fact about Zachary Taylor was that he had never voted in an election, until he was in office where he voted for himself.


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