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hayes.gif The Inaugural Address of Rutherford B. Hayes

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The Inaugural Address for Rutherford B. Hayes stuck out for us since we are not familiar with him. We never knew such a guy existed, so it was decided that we teach ourselves, as well as visiters of this site something new. Even though he is not the most well-known President in our past, we figure that would only make him more interesting to research.

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On Monday, March 5th, 1877, President Rutherford, B. Hayes was sworn in as our country's president. He was the 19th leader of our nation to participate in Inauguration ceremony. The fortunate man that was assigned to preceed President Hayes, was Justice Morrison Waite, which he completed in "The Red Room" of the White House.
Besides the Inaguarstion itself, there were a few other events surrounding the day that President Hayes was Inaguarated. Just like most Inaugural Addresses, the Inauguration had a crowd of people waiting for the Inauguration. The final days of the President that came before Hayes, Ulysses S. Grant, last minute duties were being fulfilled and he was getting ready for President- Elect Hayes to enter the White House. A few months before the new presidency, on January 8th of 1877, Crazy Horse, an Indian cheif and his tribe, fought and lost their last battle against the U.S cavalry in Montana.
According to Bartleby.com (see bottom of page), "President Hayes had strongly held views which he pushed forward throughout his administration . He believed in and proposed civil service reform measures. Further, he set down a policy that a canal in Central America could only be under American control as the rench were attempting to create one during his administration. This would eventually lead to the development of the Panama Canal." President Hayes was making the proposal that braught the Panama Canal to the Central American country of Panama. Although it would be only under American control, his proposal was eventually passed. He was pretty strongly set on the construction of the Panama Canal.

Hayes also had many other proposes that he made in involvement with the Presidency. During his Inaugural Address, Hayes stated that he was going to try as hard as he could to bring wealth back to the country. His main focus during office was our country and the government that we were currently living under. What he didn't want to happen was what had been happening the last three years before he became president. The country was not as wealthy as we wished it to be, and President Hayes had a strong focus on that topic. Basically, his goal was to stop the suffering from the previous three years.


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