The Inaugural Address of James Adams Garfield

My Choice

DA'S_ROCKET.png We chose Garfield because he was in the civil war. He was a famous general because he led a brigade that won against confederate troops. He also did a lot of great things. He was also well known by a lot of people. He was also a professor 2 years before he became president. When he died, a lot of people cried for him.

The Address

Write a paragraph or two describing the historical circumstances of the address:
  • It was on Friday,march 4,1881
  • It was Mr. Chester Arthur
  • No key events happened.

Garfield was talking about the past presidents a little bit and about the foundations of america. He also talked about the hard working people in the past and about the constitution being strong and holding up our nation. He also talked about this being a hard time and the constitutions rights.
  • What did the president focus on the most?
  • Include research from an historian's point-of-view if possible (Place your sources in the bibliography below)
  • Create and insert/embed a Wordle of the address and use it to help analyze the address.
  • Feel free to quote from the address to emphasize your paragraph


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