The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy

My Choice We chose J.F.K because he was going to change the country. And he didn't have a long address well as you can tell so we picked him because his address was a historic address. He put things that was going to make are country great. That is why we picked J.F.K.

The Addressgb.png

The date was friday, January, 20, 1961. The president before John Fitzgerald Kennedy was Dwight David Elsenhower. Well the bay of pigs, and the Berlin wall was built, the district of Columbia had the right to vote in the elections,then there was a Cuban missile crisis, also the peace corps was created.Those are the main things about his address.

He was promoting that he wanted the people to stand up and make the country better because he can't do it all by himself he needs help from the people. In JFK's address he was really pushing that the people work hard to get our country better. Not to just sit back and let people do nothing. To take control of your country. He focused on what the citizens could do for the country, like in one of his quotes he said "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you: ask what you can do for your country." Which means that we can't just sit around and wait we have to work harder to make the nation better.gunnar_and_brady-jfk-.jpeg


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