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We Choose Ronald Reagan First Inaugural because of the content that we found on the page to get this info from was very important. Many people don't know about Ronald Reagan's First Inaugural or they don't remember his first Inaugural. So we choose him so we can teach somethings to people about him an also learn our self. An to teach other people of how his plans can seem harder than what the people think. We want to learn more about him because in each part of our families has met Ronald Reagan. Brittany's Grandpa had met Ronald Reagan An Her Dad got the chance to met Ronald Reagan. An Cheyanne's Grandpa an Grandma got to met Ronald Reagan. So we just wanted to learn more about him an learn how he was with his people an how he worked the office. That is why we picked Ronald Reagan.

The Address

Ronald Reagan's First Inaugural was in the Tuesday, January 20,1981.An Ronald Reagan held his speech West Front Of The Capital with the ceremony along with it. One Event that was very important was that Ronald Reagan was the first President Elect to be sworn in at the West Front Of The Capital. Ronald Reagan made history for his first Elect to be sworn in at the West Front Capital.

Ronald Reagan mostly talked about how hard it is going to be to be able to change
he country to where it is better working. So how he plans on helping an making it to
where the country is better for the people to live an be better. He said an spoke
about the government problems an that he wanted to help many people to get job
make the government better to live in. I think that he tried his hardest to make it
to where the people are some what happy because it can get worse then an it can
get better.

Ronald Reagan was tiring to make it to where people have more jobs an to
where the government is better to help the people who lived in the US.
People who know Ronald Reagan They think that he is the best
President that they have had so fair an that they would vote for him to be
President any day. My Parents say the same thing about Ronald Reagan.
Although I don't know Ronald Reagan I would try to make it to where
he can be President again to see how he is in office.

Brittany is going to get the wordle on this page

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