The Inaugural Address of George W. Bush

My Choice

The reason that we chose George W. Bush is because of everything that we seen him do when he was in office and we just wanted to talk about it.

The Address

Write a paragraph or two describing the historical circumstances of the address:
  • What year was it?
  • Who preceded your chosen president?
  • What were some key events in American History that surrounded this Inauguration Day?

Write a few paragraphs describing the address itself:
  • What was the newly elected president promoting in his address?
  • What did the president focus on the most?
  • Include research from an historian's point-of-view if possible (Place your sources in the bibliography below)
  • Create and insert/embed a Wordle of the address and use it to help analyze the address.
  • Feel free to quote from the address to emphasize your paragraph.


Sources Used

Cite the resources you used to create this page in a list below (alphabetical order by author's last name). Follow the following format:

Use this citation generator to help create your citations. Be sure to read and follow the directions carefully.