We have come a long way since the first wiki pages we've worked on. Below are six pages concerned with the Branches of Government. Each page had a total possible 16 editors all working in collaboration across one day. To compare this assignment with students from the previous year, go to the old Branches of Government page.

Separation of Powers
Checks and Balances
Key Players
The Legislative Branch
The Executive Branch
The Judicial Branch

Assignment Details

The wiki pages were created as a result of a three day lesson created to provide the students with a deeper working knowledge of the branches of government. Working with Moodle and the "Understanding the Three Branches" online module, students were exposed to an in-depth look at the structure of our government using videos acquired through Unitedstreaming and in-class discussions.

Assessment of wiki pages is done through the use of the Wiki Rubric. Student participation is assumed and if a student had zero involvement in the creation of the page he/she will be scored with a zero unless substantive work can be proven otherwise and approved by Mr. Bruce.