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Welcome. In greetings, I must offer this disclaimer. This site is no longer active. It exists as an archive for myself, former students, and visitors seeking ideas for uses of classroom wikis. Created for students by students, the pages here represent the collective efforts waged by all of us as we worked to understand the complexities of U.S. History. As you tour, may I suggest you start with "This Day in History" to see what we've worked on and how the calendar works. Then navigate through the Student Pages to see our how we've demonstrated our understanding of the U.S. History and Geography High School Content Expectations as defined by the Michigan Department of Education. Beyond that, browse the Curriculum to see how this serves as an instructional resource for students. As always, feel free to email me

Use the navigation tool at left or the search function at left to find whatever else you're looking for. Each link at left represents a different way we have used our wiki as we learn about U.S. History from individual page creation (Inaugural Addresses) to advanced collaborative endeavors (Progressivism and Reform).

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