The American Civil War
Guest in the Classroom
On Wednesday, May 6, Amber Herman visited my classroom. An avid Civil War re-enactor, she portrayed the Southern perspective on life, society, and her thoughts on slavery. Below is a the recorded session from my 6th period class.

Online Video Conference
On Wednesday, May 21, we had the opportunity to participate in an online video chat using Skype. With a Webcam mounted on my screen/monitor, we hosted a chat with Mr. Eric Langhorst's U.S. History class in Liberty, Missouri. The topic of the session was Missouri's unique Civil War history as a slave state that had remained in the Union. Guerrilla warfare lead by Confederate sympathizers divided communities and families, causing violence and bloodshed throughout the state. Our classmates from MO studied this part of their local history through a novel by Pat Hughes, called Guerrilla Season and their studies offered us a perspective we would not have had otherwise. See a part of the conference below.

The Civil War in Google Earth
Learning the events of the Civil War without seeing where they occurred creates a disconnect. History cannot be learned without geography. To overcome this, each student created up to four placemarks in Google Earth from the Civil War. These placemarks are rich content KMZ files to be downloaded and opened in Google Earth. Files hare been aggregated by class period; click the icon to download that group's KMZ files.

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