The Constitutional Convention


When the American Revolution ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783, Americans were already dealing with the worst after-effects of the war. Each state had a strong constitution and, under the Articles of Confederation, a great deal of authority in governing their own affairs. This made the national government rather weak.

Considering the extent of the economic and political problems that existed, this did not work. After a few long years, the nation's leaders realized that change needed to occur. States sent delegates to Philadelphia to revise the Articles .

They called the convention the Philadelphia Convention. As soon as most of the delegates had arrived, they began discussion on how to revise the Articles, but it became clear that there was no way to amend them - a new constitution was needed. Behind closed windows and locked doors, the delegates debated through the summer of 1787 how to make a government strong enough to heal the nation's wounds.


Below is a list of topics that were addressed at the convention. Click to visit the page for that topic.

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